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Canon Reviews

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Canon Lens Reviews

DSLR Lenses

Full Frame Mirrorless Lenses


I buy only from these approved sources. I can't vouch for ads below.


Canon Mirrorless System

Canon EOS RP


NEW: Canon EOS RP User's Guide

NEW: Canon EOS RP vs EOS R

14 february 2019

Canon EOS_R

Canon EOS-R

Canon EOS R User's Guide 05 October 2018

NEW: Canon EOS RP vs EOS R

Nikon Z7

Canon EOS-R

Sony A7 III

Nikon vs Canon vs Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Compared

Mirrorless vs DSLR



top   All Full-Frame DSLRs    All APS-C DSLRs

Canon 1DX Mark III

NEW: Canon 1DX Mark III

20 mp full-frame 16 fps.

50.8 oz./1,440g with battery and card, two  type b slots.

world's fastest dslr.

world's best pro camera (2020-)


亲友益阳棋牌歪06 january 2020

Canon SL3

Canon SL3 (EOS 250D)

亲友益阳棋牌歪24 mp aps-c, 5fps, 4k, 15.8 oz./449g with battery and card.

11 april 2019

Canon 6D Mk IICanon 6D Mk II 29 June 2017

Canon SL2Canon SL2 29 June 2017

Canon 77DCanon 77D亲友益阳棋牌歪 27 May 2017

Canon T7iCanon Rebel T7i 27 May 2017

Canon 1DX Mk IICanon 1D X Mark II Review

Canon 5D Mk IV ReviewCanon 5D Mk IV

Canon 80D ReviewCanon 80D

Canon T6 ReviewCanon T6

Canon 6Ts ReviewCanon T6s (EOS 760D)

Canon 6Ti ReviewCanon T6i (EOS 750D)

Canon 5DS ReviewCanon 5DS and 5DS R

Canon 7D Mk II ReviewCanon 7D Mk II

Canon 70D Review Canon 70D

Canon T5i ReviewCanon T5i

Canon SL1 ReviewCanon SL1

Canon 6D ReviewCanon 6D Review

Plain-English Canon 6D User's Guide

Canon 1D X ReviewCanon 1D X Review

Canon 5D Mk III review Canon 5D Mk III

Fuji X100S vs. Canon 5D Mark III

Canon T4i ReviewCanon Rebel T4i

Canon 7D Canon 7D

Canon 60D Canon 60D

Canon Rebel T3i 07 February 2011

Canon Rebel T3 07 February 2011

Canon T2iCanon Digital Rebel T2i亲友益阳棋牌歪 17 July 2009

Canon T1iCanon Digital Rebel T1i 17 July 2009

Canon 1Ds Mk III亲友益阳棋牌歪 20 August 2007

Canon 1D Mk III 15 June 2007

Canon EOS 50D亲友益阳棋牌歪 26 August 2008

Canon Rebel XSi亲友益阳棋牌歪 24 January 2008

Canon Rebel XS亲友益阳棋牌歪 11 June 2008

Canon Rebel XTi


New-Camera Bugs 11 July 2008


DSLR High ISO Shoot-Out亲友益阳棋牌歪 03 October 2007


Free Software   top

Canon EOS Utility Review. 28 May 2010

Canon ImageBrowser Review.亲友益阳棋牌歪 28 May 2010

Canon PhotoStitch Review.


DSLRs - Obsolete (still available new at great prices)   top

Canon 5D Mk II Canon 5D Mk II亲友益阳棋牌歪 17 September 2008 - 02 March 2012

Canon 40D 20 August 2007, replaced by the 50D in August 2008.

Canon 5D (replaced by the 5D Mk II in October 2008)

30D亲友益阳棋牌歪 (replaced by 40D in August 2007)

1D Mark II N (Replaced by 1D Mk III in February 2007)

1Ds Mark II亲友益阳棋牌歪 (replaced by 1Ds Mk III August 2007)


DSLRs - No Longer Available   top

Rebel XT (replaced by Rebel XTi in 2006)

20D (replaced by 30D in February, 2006)

Digital Rebel EOS 300D announced 20 August 2003

1D Mark II

1Ds (obsolesced by 1Ds Mk II in 2004)

10D (obsolesced by 20D in 2004)

D60 (obsolesced by 10D above)

D30亲友益阳棋牌歪 (obsolesced by D60 above)


Plain-English Users Guides   top

Plain-English Canon 6D User's Guide亲友益阳棋牌歪 09 March 2013

Canon 5D Mark III User's Guide

Canon 7D User's Guide 05 August 2010

Canon 5D Mark II User's Guide亲友益阳棋牌歪 22 May 2010

Canon 5D Mark II Recommended Lenses 22 May 2010

20D User's Guide

30D User's Guide

亲友益阳棋牌歪(the canon 5d is almost identical to the 30d; see my 30d guide for the 5d.)

you can download canon's original user manuals .


DSLRs - Comparisons   top

NEW: Medium-Format vs. Full-Frame Image-Quality Comparison!!!

Now with the , the Fujifilm GFX 50R亲友益阳棋牌歪 is awesome. It handles just like Fujifilm's APS-C cameras and outperforms full-frame at the same time. (I'm still working on its detailed review.)

03 may 2019

Canon Lens Comparisons

Small Flashes Compared

Pro DSLR Comparison 03 February 2016

5DS R vs EOS M3 vs Sony A7R II vs iPhone vs Fuji at 12MP and 35mm! 11 November 2015.

Canon 5DSR vs. Sony A7 II 17 October 2015

LEICA 21mm + Sony A7R II versus Canon 20mm USM + 5DS R Comparison 亲友益阳棋牌歪01 October 2015

Sony A7R II vs A6000 vs Canon 5DS R Comparison亲友益阳棋牌歪 18 September 2015

Fuji X100S vs. Canon 5D Mark III 12 June 2014

Canon 5D Mk III vs. LEICA M 240 vs. Sony A7 Image Quality Comparison 19 December 2013

Canon 5D Mk III/24-70 II vs. SL1/18-55 STM Resolution Comparison 10 September 2013

Lens Comparisons

2012 Full-Frame DSLR Comparison

Canon 6D versus 5D Mark III 17 September 2012

Canon 5D Mark III vs. Nikon D800 27 June 2012

High-ISO Comparisons of the Nikon D1, D3 (D700), D4, D800, D7000 and Canon 5D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III and Fuji X-Pro1 and X100 亲友益阳棋牌歪 06 April 2012

Nikon D7000, D300, D3 (D700) and Canon 5D Mark II High ISO Comparison 08 November 2010

Nikon D3 and D700 vs. Canon 5D 10 July 2008

The Full-Frame Advantage 11 September 2007

Canon vs. Nikon

Canon 5D and XTi vs. Nikon D200, D80, D70, D50 and D40

5D vs. 20D

Canon 20D and Nikon D70 Direct Comparison 06 April 2005

1D Mark II N vs. 5D

Nikon D100 compared to Canon 10D

Noise and Resolution Comparisons 2006

LCD Monitor Comparisons 2006

Memory Card and Camera Speed Comparisons 2006


General DSLR Data and Comparisons   top

Canon Date Codes 01 August 2007


Listing of 1.6x Crop Factor Cameras

Listing of 1.3x Crop Factor Cameras

Listing of Full Frame Digital Cameras


Lens Suggestions for 20D, 30D and Rebels

Panoramics with Canon Cameras

Canon 5D Focus Screens


EOS M     top

EOS-M Bodies

Canon EOS M6NEW: Canon EOS M6 01 June 2017

Canon EVF-DC2 NEW: Canon EVF-DC2 Review 01 June 2017

Canon EOS M5 ReviewCanon EOS M5 28 January 2017

Canon EOS M3 ReviewCanon EOS M3 03 November 2015

Canon EOS M10 Canon EOS M10 13 October 2015

Canon EOS M ReviewCanon EOS M 23 July 2012, discontinued a year later


EOS-M (EF-M) Lenses


Flash     top

Pixel X900 Flash

NEW: Pixel X900 Flash

05 march 2019.


Canon 580EX II

NEW: Canon 580EX II Review.

NEW: Canon 580EX II User's Guide.

亲友益阳棋牌歪07 august 2018


Sunpak RD2000

Sunpak RD2000

Small Flashes Compared.

亲友益阳棋牌歪tiny flash.

亲友益阳棋牌歪01 may 2018

Canon 430EX III RT ReviewCanon 430EX III RT Review亲友益阳棋牌歪 10 February 2016

Canon 600EX RT ReviewCanon 600EX-RT Review 20 February 2014

Canon 430EX II ReviewCanon 430EX II Review亲友益阳棋牌歪 11 February 2014

Canon 320EX ReviewCanon 320EX Flash Review亲友益阳棋牌歪18 April 2014

Aperlite YH-700 ReviewAperlite YH-700 Flash Review 20 June 2015

Canon 270EX II ReviewCanon 270EX II 12 February 2014

Canon 90EX ReviewCanon 90EX Flash Review 16 January 2013


Canon 270EX Review Canon 270EX Flash Review 18 May 2010

Canon 220EX Flash Review Canon 220EX Flash Review 18 May 2010

Canon 220EX, 270EX and Nikon SB-400 Flashes Compared 18 May 2010

(Just a link to the specs.)


PowerShot   top

Canon G1 X reviewCanon G1 X Review 14 March 2012

Canon S100Canon S100亲友益阳棋牌歪 15 September 2011

Canon PowerShot SX230 HS 亲友益阳棋牌歪 07 February 2011

Canon PowerShot ELPH 500 HS 07 February 2011

Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 亲友益阳棋牌歪 07 February 2011

Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS 亲友益阳棋牌歪 07 February 2011

Canon G12Canon G12亲友益阳棋牌歪 14 September 2010

Canon S95 Canon S95亲友益阳棋牌歪 24 August 2010

Canon SD1400 (2010-2011)

Canon G11   Canon G11 Review December 2009

Canon S90Canon S90 Review 19 August 2009

The Curse of the Chopped LCD 25 August 2009

Canon SD940Canon SD940 IS Review 亲友益阳棋牌歪17 September 2009

Canon SD980 Canon SD980 Review 11 September 2009

Canon SD960Canon SD960 IS Review 亲友益阳棋牌歪25 August 2009

Canon SD780 Review 14 July 2009

Canon SD880    Canon SD880 Review 20 November 2008

Canon G10   Canon G10 Review 29 October 2008

Canon SD890 IS, SD790 IS and SD770 IS 14 March 2008

Canon SD850 Review 20 July 2007

Canon A570 IS Review 15 March 2007

Canon A550 Review 27 February 2007 (2007's best bargain.)

Canon A460 Review 27 February 2007

Canon A530 2006's best bargain.

SD800 28 October 2006

SD700亲友益阳棋牌歪 12 September 2006

SD550 12 September 2006


A510, A520, A60, A70, A75, A80, A85 and A95


Remote Cords   top

Canon RS-80N3Canon RS-80N3 Review September 2012


Canon TC-80N3 Timer SwitchCanon TC-80N3 Review September 2012


35mm SLRs   top

EOS: Autofocus

Canon EOS 1V ReviewNEW: Canon EOS 1V Review亲友益阳棋牌歪 23 April 2014


Canon EOS 3Canon EOS 3 Review 01 February 2011

Canon EOS 620 and EOS 650亲友益阳棋牌歪 29 July 2009

EOS Rebel G 06 September 2008


FD: Manual Focus   top

See my Canon FD pages.


EX: Semi-Fixed Lens SLR   top

Canon EX AUTOCanon EX AUTO Review 亲友益阳棋牌歪08 December 2010


Sure Shots

Canon AF35ML Super Sure ShotAF35ML Super Sure Shot 26 August 2009


Scanners   top

D2400UF Flatbed scanner


Projectors   top

Canon REALiS WUX4000 Projector

Canon REALiS WUX 4000 Projector 亲友益阳棋牌歪 26 October 2010


More Information

Latest News Releases from Canon USA

亲友益阳棋牌歪 (japan, in english)

Cleaning and Canon Factory Service 28 September 2007


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